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It works due to the law of physics. Resonance, entrainment, and brain wave synchronization are phenomena that enable the process to occur naturally and effortless. Imagine lying on top of a massive cello with hundreds of strings! Every string is precisely tuned to exact frequencies that generate infinite ranges of exquisite harmonic overtones. These Emanations unfold like audible fractals. The frequencies turn off the “disquieting mind” aligning your mind, body & spirit to the higher order of harmonics. Its healing effects occur on the deepest levels of our being. I play the strings from underneath like a cosmic harp. By sustaining it long enough, YOU HAVE TO SYNC UP WITH THE HARMONIC FREQUENCIES. It’s simply a law of physics and since your entire body is physically connected to the resonant sound chamber of the instrument you not only “HEAR” them, but you actually “FEEL” these HARMONIC frequencies throughout your entire body.
Anyone with a Body/Mind Matrix will benefit profoundly.

The hundreds of strings are tuned to EXACT frequencies. (cycles per second) Tuning hundreds of strings is extremely arduous and time consuming. If these strings are not tuned perfectly, it won’t work. When set into vibration these strings generate and bathe you in infinite layers of the exquisite harmonic overtones. It is a PURELY MATHEMATICAL function that Pythagoras figured out 2500 years ago. He knew that sound not only has form…but that sound organizes matter.

SClarification of Pythagorean Harmonic Mathematics Refer to:

A visual for those not mathematically inclined: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkox6niJ1Wc


One of his most important discoveries was that the harmonic musical intervals could be expressed by perfect numerical ratios, a finding that led him to the realization that all sensible phenomena follow the pattern of number. Pythagoras used various intervals of harmonic ratios as a “medicine” for diseases of the body, mind & soul. “He aligned souls to their Divine Nature”. Through music, Pythagoras performed what he called “soul-adjustments”
When Pythagoras spoke of “The Divine” he was not talking about a man in the clouds with a beard and a personality. His concept of “The Divine” referred to the observable & measurable fact that there is Absolute Order pervasive throughout the entire Universe (everywhere-all the time) AND that this Order has Intelligence. He taught that this Order with Universal Intelligence streaming through it could be accessed and realized through number.
“Healing is restoring the Divinity Within.”
Poorvaa Mehraa


Dr. Hopkins has dedicated himself to the healing arts for most of his fifty years. He has been blessed with purpose his entire life, finding tremendous satisfaction and personal reward by facilitating the well being of others. From experience he learned a Platinum Rule: “built into every great challenge is an equally great Gift.” (or opportunity). His work in Harmonic Healing is a result of this actually.

As a chiropractor living in the Los Angeles area, Dr Hopkins cared for a “dream clientele” for over 25 years. Adhering to a strict policy of, “word of mouth only” he attracted many thousands of high caliber patients from all over the world (he learned much from this role).

Since the age of 14, he has passionately pursued effective approaches in “alternative health care” methods. This was inspired at an early age when he incurred a severe accident that left him partially paralyzed. He was brought to the “best” doctors. After many consultations, examinations, diagnostics and failed treatments the medical profession sentenced him with the following advice: “learn to live with the condition.” He thought this was the final word. He had never heard of “chiropractic” (which was unpopular at the time) when his grandmother brought him to one. The treatments were dramatically successful! This was his first and immediate lesson to “Question Authority”!!! AND it reinforced with great clarity the “Platinum Rule” mentioned above. For hidden within his tragic challenge (paralysis) was a great gift… a purposeful career and his “calling”.

After decades of appreciating an exuberant lifestyle filled with travel and a supremely rewarding occupation, Dr Hopkins incurred SEVERE arthritis in both hands. This pain was so intense that it felt like he had smacked his knuckles on cement hundreds of times. It grew progressively worse for 6 years until his hands involuntarily curled into a “claw”. Nature had dictated that it was the end of his Chiropractic career. He explained that this massive tragedy was like,“telling Picasso he could no longer paint.” This was only the beginning of a series of losses. Within one year he lost EVERYTHING he identified himself with, including nearly loosing his life. But there was duality in the experience for him. Because he hadn’t forgotten the “Platinum Rule” and because his challenge was MASSIVE, he knew that the hidden Gift would be MASSIVE as well. A quote stuck in his mind, “If you’re falling, dive.” So he did.

Dr, Hopkins dove DEEP into himself, his Meditations and his Yoga. He began to read things he never had time to for in the past. And all the healing energy and loving care that he gave to thousands of his patients… he now gave to himself. In his Meditations he kept the awareness that he was absolutely free now…free to do ANYTHING he wanted…including die. When he went into Meditation he asked the question; “Since I’m free…and I can do ANYTHING…what do I want to do?”
Four Distinct Answers Came:
1) He wanted to continue to “facilitate the well being of others”. (still alive in the healing arts!)
2) He wanted to “facilitate continuous higher levels of consciousness in his own being”. (he couldn’t wait to see what THAT looked like)
3) He wanted it to make sure he “did not overuse any one part of his body” (like he had with his hands)
4) He wanted to bestow a service that would attract individuals of a superlative nature and quality of character.

Simultaneous to these “answers” coming through he came across a book on the life of Pythagoras. Although he remembered nothing about Pythagoras at the time, the information struck a powerful chord in the depths of his Being (as if he was there). He continued to read anything he could about Pythagoras.

When he read that Pythagoras used certain sounds, harmonic intervals and frequencies to treat “conditions” something REALLY woke him up. From then on he felt as if he had “moved into a current” to channel this work. It took years of preoccupation with the concept of harmonics as it applies to healing. It took years just to find master luthiers and years to commission, construct and collect these exquisite, precise and divinely inspired instruments. Finally making them available to share with others.
Pythagoras said that “the prime substance of the universe is number” and that “a thing can be divided in half (or doubled) infinitely”. A concept only recently confirmed. Pythagoras used the phenomena of a vibrating string to demonstrate to his disciples the ubiquitous existence of harmony, (as it exists everywhere/all the time) not only within the human audible range, but “out” into the cosmic realm for infinity and “in” to the atomic level for infinity. “As above so below” he explained. It is no coincidence that after all these years experts in quantum physics have come up what they call, “The String Theory” in order to explain the “Unification of all things”
Check it out www.superstringtheory.com


Treatments are customized to individual needs and are usually divided into three stages:
I)             (The Physical) Hands On
II)            (The Astral) Cosmic Gongs
III)          (The Spiritual) Pythagorean Monochords

We recognize that the physical body is usually the last place that humans manifest dis-ease. It is the densest aspect of one’s being. If we raise our awareness to other more subtle aspects of our being…we will find that dis-ease begins with negative thoughts and influences that occur in the mental, emotional, astral, causal and etheric levels. These under-stated levels are where we can prevent much physical suffering. Sound effectively cleanses and neutralizes these subtle levels.
See “Inspirational Quotes” #65

“Medicine only looks at the physical manifestation of molecules.  According to science, matter doesn’t exist w/o virtue of vibration… vibration interacting w/ consciousness.” - Poorvaa Mehraa

“Problems can’t be solved at the level of the consciousness that created them.” - Albert Einstein                          


While Dr. Hopkins has worked closely with the medical profession over the past quarter century, he finds it ironic that the medical profession has self-entitled itself with the nomenclature “traditional medicine”. (which doesn’t make sense since it has only been practiced for 1 or 2 hundred years) While at the same time the term “alternative” has been relegated to “ancient traditions” (which have been viable and in practice for thousands of years) such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbalism, & sound healing.

If you look up in a dictionary (right now) the words, “alternative medicine” you will read, “regarded as unorthodox by the medical profession.” Then if you immediately look up the word “unorthodox” you will read, “contrary to what is traditional.” The definition of “traditional = “a long established custom or belief.”
Ladies and gentleman of the jury… You are being lied to!

Dr. Hopkins would like to suggest that: it is by no accident that these defining terms have been “switched” on us and that this is nothing less than “slight of hand” with the intention to mislead and discredit.

Another glaring example (that goes unnoticed) is the word, “side effect”. I don’t know what School of Logic you graduated from, but the fact is that there are only “cause & effect”. If you continually swallow aspirin and you get a stomach ulcer…the ulcer is a DIRECT EFFECT of putting that aspirin in your body. There is no such thing as a “side effect”. 

This is only brought up to substantiate, clarify and give credibility to this long forgotten method of using sound to facilitate human well being. If you study, research, and explore further, you will be Enlightened (look THAT word up) to the fact that: there is NOTHING “new age” about sound medicine.


Listen to a rare AEOLIAN HARP! They are never to be touched by human hands but are taken deep into the forest & left there… only to be PLAYED BY THE WIND!!!


As a result of independent research on the life and teachings of Pythagoras, Dr. James B. Hopkins was inspired to commission a series of unique musical instruments for healing purposes.

Pythagoras was credited as being the first person to prescribe harmonic frequencies and music to treat human conditions. He invented instruments and with the use of sound and vibration he was able to bring an individual’s attention to the awareness of their Divine Nature in order to facilitate the healing process.

Dr Hopkins has spent the last seven years dedicated to recreating and manifesting these instruments for the purpose of resurrecting this ancient tradition.


Pythagorean Harmonic Medicine is a natural method of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation.

Pythagorean Harmonic Medicine is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. James Hopkins is not a medical doctor, or any other kind of medical practitioner & has not represented himself as such.

Although Dr. James Hopkins is a licensed chiropractor, this procedure has nothing to do with the chiropractic arts and sciences.

Dr. James Hopkins will not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.

Dr. James Hopkins has made no promises as to the outcome of Pythagorean Harmonic Medicine Healing.