An experience beyond words… Very simply... I left the session unfettered, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I can't begin to try to understand how it works. It just does.
CA Kim

Thank you for one of the most wonderful afternoons I have had in many years...maybe even ever!!! I am quite excited to repeat it soon!
You're a bodhisattva, I believe.
P. Masters

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres” ~Pythagoras~ ” This quote sums up my cosmic experience with Dr. James Hopkins and his wide variety of sound healing instruments. He is simply a virtuoso with his amazing techniques. Furthermore his vast connection with Universal Spirit and beyond allows him to be a complete medium for the Healing Light. I personally feel my experience is Graced on a Quantum level. The layers and layers of enchanting overtones created with the monochord ignited my Soul.
M. Maize

These harmonic formations overcome mental and emotional anxiety and bodily stress very quickly and replace it with a wonderful healing vibration in my cells, a deep sense of safety and a glow in my heart.
T. Gilbert

The Pythagorean Vibrational Sounds from James Hopkins seems to carry an almost otherworldly intelligence. The music is rich with overtones and seems luminous and effervescent. Be prepared to take a marvelous and surprising journey.
R. Gordan

The day I went I was so stressed and tired. The sounds and vibrations transported me to another place. It was like lying in the middle of the earth hearing sounds from every direction permeating my soul and instantly putting me in a relaxed and warm state of being. This therapy is perfect for anyone who wants to reconnect with the Universe and gain balance. Plus Dr Hopkins is the most amazing human being I’ve ever met. I am truly Blessed to have him in my life.
S. Brittan

Forget Histrionics try Harmonics! I feel so centered and cosmically aligned! The Pythagorean Monochord, the Gongs, the Rainbow Dome experience, and the spine vibration… all add up to an experience greater than the sum of its parts. The single essence has a paradoxical effect. It opens up consciousness to an expanse of possibility. And the flotsam and jetsam of our banal daily lives float away, discarded like the unnecessary baggage that it is. I don’t subscribe to religions, but my dear…I’m a convert.
S. Revell

I would not want to diminish anyone’s experience by imposing my personal interpretation. Integral to the value of the session was a complete lack of preconceived ideas. Suffice to say that the beauty of the Pythagorean Vibrational Sound session continued to resonate long after the session ended, opening my heart, spirit and mind to an expanded concept of harmony that encompasses our entire universe.
B. Jordan


WOW!… What you are doing is so powerful… it is beyond comprehension. You have created something that is going to revolutionize not only healing but human kind. I am honored to have received such a “Treat”ment from you…
Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…
D. Robbins

Interesting? Understatement! It… was… far beyond words really! After only a few minutes, my body melted away, my aches and pains and stresses of the long workday… forgotten and I was wide Awake! Yet I lost track of time and space, lost track of my mind, my body, my emotions, and found complete relaxation and euphoric peace. I feel like James was channeling the ultimate healing vibrations.
CM Michael