Book Referrals

1) “Iamblichus” Life of Pythagoras by Thomas Taylor

2) “Divine Harmony” subtitled: ‘The Life and Teachings of Pythagoras’ by John Strohmeier & Peter Westbrook

3) “The Pythagorean SourceBook and Library” by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie - edited by Sylvan Guthrie

4) “The Cosmic Octave” subtitled`Origin of Harmony´ by Hans Cousto

5) “Harmonograph” ‘A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music” by Anthony Ashton
6) “Healing Sounds- the Power of Harmonics” by Jonathan Goldman
7) “Music: The Keynote of HumanEvolution” by Corinne Heline
8) “The Myth of Invariance” by Ernrst G. McClain
9) “The Healing Power of Sound” by Mitchell L. Gaynor M.D.
10) “The World is Sound- Nada Brahma” by Joachim-Ernst Berendt
11) “Homage to Pythagoras” by Bamford, MaCaulay, Raine, and Zajonc
12) “Music: Physician for Times to Come” by Don Cambpbell
13) “Sacred Geometry” by Robert Lawlor
14) “Cymantics” by Hans Jenny
15) “Harmonies of Heaven and Earth” by Joscelyn Godwin